How Men Can Wear Chains Without Making Mistakes?

Small jewellery piece like a ring can send a strong signal, for example, the marriage band. These tiny stone and metal pieces have great effect on the viewpoints of people we are surrounded with. So, men need to ensure that correct visual signals are sent. Men find it difficult to wear chains but they can look great wearing them with a little know-how.

Chain materials

Gold chains

Precious metals are intended to be noticed and seen, so choose slim gold chains designs, especially if they have a pendant as well. This supporting ornament will draw lots of attention. Your clothing does not need to be fancy. Simple is best, when you wear gold or precious metal chains.

Steel ball chain

These slim and utilitarian style steel ball chains are used frequently with long pendants. These are relatively minimalist and will not distract your attire. You can wear them, whenever you don’t desire the chain to stand out.

Leather thongs

Leather thongs are little bigger than steel ball chains. They give natural relaxed look, which compliments your modern style and casual clothing. Not ideal to be worn with business wear and white collared shirt.


Rope and hemp cord are common chokers, which are woven in large arrangements. They possess casual outdoor look, which people connect with surfers, hippies, and campers. It’s a single chord that looks scruffy and flimsy.

Coloured cords

Coloured cords or ribbons are made from velvet material, normally reserved for medals and not for decorative jewellery. For many men this style is a little feminine but teens adore it.

Chains can be swapped easily even if you purchased a pendant on steel chain does not mean it cannot be worn with leather thong. This is the reason why chains are versatile.

Chain length

Where chain design in gold dangles on your chest affects overall style of your outfit.

  • Short chains can be worn with anything except suit and tie. They reside above low collar and stand out. Viewers get to see the whole chain.
  • Mid-length chains end right at the neck’s base. These are meant for unornamented metal chains. Most links are visible with open shirt collar or T-shirts, Alternatively, it is an awkward length to add pendant.
  • Long chains are best option for pendants but get hidden underneath his shirt. If you desire to make pendant visible then you will need V-neck or keep few shirt buttons open.

When you check out the large gold chains mens collection online, make sure that the jewellery store is reliable. Make sure you avoid the mistakes like –

  • Expensive jewellery is better [never make decision based on price but fix a budget]
  • Just drop in to shop [random shopping without research]
  • All jewels are gorgeous [if you pick gift for someone, it is crucial to know their taste and preference in advance, never jump to conclusions]

If you are confused then don’t hesitate to take assistance from a family member or friend, who is familiar with gold jewellery.

Have fun wearing chains and necklaces!