Rehearsal Dinners – Get to Know All About It

Rehearsal dinner is customary and it is held in the evening before wedding. It is a small event than the reception but it is as important as the main events. Unlike the wedding it is not a formal event and it can be pretty wonderful if planned out right. As any event related to the wedding, rehearsal dinners have their own set of etiquette and norms. Before you jump down to planning it, let us check how to make it smooth and effortless.

Who is supposed to host the event?

Most people are often confused about who should host the dinner. Traditionally speaking, the groom’s family is responsible for hosting the event. However, these days, the bride’s family also pull in to be a part of the happy event. Also, it should be planned in a rush, hence the space, the dinner setting, invitation and decoration all needs to be pre planned.

How to select the place?

There are certain hotels who give space for rehearsal dinners. The setting can be done in open air or in the hall as requested. You can also customize it according to a theme. Moreover, rehearsal dinner event can be included with the main events, to get a good deal out of it. Some hotels also give discounts for dinner arrangements.

Also, you can ask your wedding planner to plan it according to the mood and setting of the dinner. Always keep in mind that rehearsal dinners are non-formal event, so decorate it accordingly. If you are planning your rehearsal dinner in the United States, Hastings can be a great option. Grooms dinner catering Hastings is the most opted by the couples as it is located in the heart of the town.

What should be the guest list?

All very minimum, the rehearsal dinner must include people who are close to both the families. Needless to say, the bride and the groom, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen needs to be invited. On the other hand, immediate family members like parents, grandparents, cousins, maternal relatives, paternal relatives along with their spouses and kids should not be left out. Etiquette suggests that out of the town guests who arrives one day before the wedding also needs to be invited, but usually the table setting is not allowed for very big groups. Therefore, some people will be left out for the main occasion.

The Toasts

Toasts are customary in the dinner. From the bride to the groom’s father everyone can raise a toast. During speech, both the families thank each other and welcome the family bonding. Toasts can be funny as well when friends raise a toast. It is a happy event, so enjoy it as much as you can. Also keep the drinks at bare minimum, because you don’t want your guests to over drink and not attend the wedding the next day.

The menu and the budget

The main expenditure is on the menu. Keeping budget in mind, you can arrange a buffet dinner. Most of the hotels give lucrative offers on the buffet. Keep the buffet minimal and few courses of food. This way, it will not burn a hole in your pocket.