Switching to Online Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training is becoming a typical part of employee training in all types of companies. From small businesses to huge corporations, the staff is being educated about sexual harassment. This protects not just the employees but also the bosses and company in general. Online sexual harassment training in California is becoming more popular in comparison to onsite training by a sexual harassment representative. The next time you have to complete sexual harassment training, consider going to an online format.

It’s Required

Different laws and regulations may require you to provide sexual harassment training to your employees. However, it is never a bad idea to have staff complete this training. You can make it a corporate or company policy to have every new employee complete this training. You can also require that annually, employees review sexual harassment policies. This training provides insight into what sexual harassment entails and includes. It includes scenario examples and well as answers to questions that staff may have but may not feel comfortable asking management,

It’s Easier

Online harassment training in California is much easier to provide than in-person training. Having a certified professional come to your company can not only be costly, but it can be hard to facilitate. For example, major companies that have three shifts of workers can find it extremely difficult to get everyone together in a few sessions to complete training. Online training provides a great alternative.

Online training is much more accessible for staff across the board. Instead of having a large meeting, staff can complete training when it works for them. For example, one by one your employees can take the online training, or the training can be completed in small groups. Eight or ten employees can watch the online training at a time throughout a few day or week period, instead of cramming 100 employees in a room for training. Overall, this online training can be a much better fit for many companies.

Having well educated and informed staff can be a major benefit to your company. Ensuring your employees feel safe can help their loyalty and productivity. Online sexual harassment training in California brings crucial training right to your computers. The convenience of online learning brings need-to-know information to anyone in the state of California. Keep your employees informed by utilizing this type of training for important topics like sexual harassment.