10 Top Rated Athens City Tours 2019

Athens the ancient city and known to be the birth place of democracy and western civilization is popular spot for travellers worldwide. The prime spots to visit are the huge museums where you will find collection of unique artworks, century old restored historical monuments and number of ruins reflecting the lavish lifestyle of the Royal dynasty of Greece.

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The most populous sightseeing spots in Athens:

  • Acropolis: The hill is stated to be holding quite important place as historical and archaeological site. The walk to the hill is quite enjoyable as the entire way is lined up with cafes, shops, food corners and the enchanting view of the city below is really worth reaching the top. Everywhere you watch is a memorial site making you realise the wonders of early age architecture creativity. You can even view the ships in the port of Piraeus on sunny days.
  • Theatre of Dionysus: The theatre lovers won’t like to miss visiting the oldest theatre n Greece. The theatre has witnessed many comedy and tragedy shows and drama since centuries. It was originally a temple in honour of Dionysus and has been transformed to stage shows for 1,700 people at a time.
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus: It is stated to be the largest temple of Greece which took seven centuries to complete. Presently, the temple ruins may be having few massive columns as remainder of the fascinating architecture creativity of artisans, still it is termed to be one of the wonders of Ancient Greece.
  • Roman Agora: The oldest ruins built in the 1st century while Greece was part of Roman Empire. Now the large open space ground holds numerous columns and colonnades of the ancient market having all kind of shops.  The area has another ancient structure known as Tower of the Winds. It shows the identification of eight winds. Thus, the name stands popular.
  • Panathenaic stadium: This sports field has hosted numerous Olympics. The stadium built in 300 BC is still the place where the Olympic flame starts to reach the place where the competition sport is conducted. The stadium is made of marble and known to be the biggest stadium in the World.
  • Parthenon: The monument standing gigantically at the top of Acropolis is the signature symbol of Doric architecture style. The temple was built as honouring place for Goddess Athena Parthenos who is known to be the protector of the people of Greece. The decorative sculptures carved in the temple have made the ancient monument popular globally.
  • Odeon of Herodes Atticus: The Amphitheatre was popular music venue in ancient times enjoyed by six thousand spectators.  Now the theatre holds the annual functions and Greek festivals. There are varied entertaining programmes performed by international performers and if you like to watch the classic Greek performances then visit this spectacular amphitheatre.
  • Philopappos hill: Its past says that nine muses used to live there on the hill of four hundred eighty-two ft gives its visitor fabulous view of Acropolis and all the attractions of the capital city, Athens.
  • Temple of Athena Nike: It has been the part of the city since 420BC. It was known to be place to worship for victory over evils. In the 17th century it was destroyed to rebuild again. The famous Wet Drapery of Nike adjusting her sandal lures visitors.
  • National archaeological museum: It is paradise for artists and collectors loving antique artefacts and arts of Neolithic Age. You can even view century back Kouroi Egyptian Sculptures treasured in the huge rooms of the museum.