Crystal Pieces to Collect

Crystal pieces are a beautiful way to decorate your house. They fit in with the design of any room perfectly. There are many different pieces you could add to your collection, like a Waterford crystal cross.


A crystal cross is a great addition to any religious household. It’s a reminder of faith that’s also beautiful. You can have a cross in a permanent spot in the house or get one to use as a decoration during holidays like Christmas and Easter.


Another lovely Waterford crystal item that can be a symbol of faith is a crystal angel. Angel figurines are always gorgeous. A sparkling crystal one that reflects the light is especially beautiful. But, it doesn’t even have to be a symbol of faith. You can just have a crystal angel because you think it’s beautiful.

Animal Figurines

Animal lovers will want to get their hands on one of the crystal animal figurines. Several different majestic animals are figurines, like eagles, horses, and dolphins. These are perfect for any knick-knack shelf or cabinet you may have. They’re also perfect gifts for older children who have learned not to play with breakable things. They’ll marvel with delight at the gorgeous figurines.


If you want to spice up your next dinner party or even just feel a little fancier some nights, crystal kitchenware is the way to go. You can have the appropriately-shaped glasses for any alcoholic beverage you may serve. Or, you can just fill regular glasses with your non-alcoholic beverage of choice. Serve appetizers on a crystal platter, put soup in a crystal bowl, show off a beautiful cake on a crystal stand. You can do all that and more.


Flowers are gorgeous on their own. Nothing makes a room more beautiful like a bouquet of flowers. Put a bouquet in a crystal vase and you have the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table or a great way to spice up your coffee table. If you want a centerpiece that will last, you can even put fake flowers in the vase and have a perfect combination that will last.

The way light reflects off of crystal is such a beautiful sight. Crystal pieces add so much beauty and elegance to a home. There are many crystal pieces you can collect, from a Waterford crystal cross to a beautiful vase. Each piece is designed to be a gorgeous addition to any crystal collection.