Guide to Know Basics of UK Driving Theory Test

A driving theory test is the first step towards securing a driving license. Before you attempt to take this test, it is very important to properly understand the structure, pattern, types of questions etc. of the test. Here in this article, we are providing some important information about theoretical driving test to people to be able to pass the test successfully.

How much will the theory test cost me?

Presently, the fee for taking a driving theory test in the UK is about £23.00. is the best place to book for a theoretical driving test. At this website, you will be provided with several mock tests and sample questionnaire to help you pass this test successfully.

What is the mode of taking a driving theory test?

The driving theory test is generally taken on the PC at any official “DVSA test center”. This test comprises of two separate tests. The first test consists of multiple-choice questions whereas the second test is a “Hazard Perception Test”.

What will be the passing rate for candidates who are preparing for a driving theory test?

Currently, the passing rate for the people who have started out as a learner driver in Northern Ireland and Great Britain is 43 out of 50.

What will be the structure of the driving theory test?

The first section of the theory test would be of multiple-choice questions. A candidate has to answer a total of fifty questions that would cover a wide range of topics such as attitude, alertness, road signs, safety, etc. They will be provided 57 minutes to answer all these questions. This completes the part I of the theory test.

Before the commencement of a theory test, a candidate would be provided with complete instructions on the way a test would work. It is important that a person should listen properly to find out what needs to be expected from the test and then react accordingly.

Also, you will get the option to attend a practice session of a series of multiple-choice questions. This will help you get familiarize with the layout of the test.

What should you take a driving theory test?

During the time of conducting a theory test, a candidate will see a question and answer session on the screen. They will then need to choose the right answer by selecting options present on the screen. Some questions need more than a single answer, so it is essential to take time and go through all the questions carefully.

You can easily navigate move in between questions as well as ‘flag’ those that you wish to visit later in the driving test. The last 5 questions in the theory test will be associated with the case study. After the multiple-choice section, you can even get a break of 3 minutes before starting with the hazard perception section.


Getting in-depth and detailed learning about driving test will definitely assist you in passing this test with flying colors. Hope this article serves you as a useful guide to prepare in the best way for the exam.