Why You Should Consider Visiting Memphis At least Once?

If you wish to experience some blues music and exotic food and you are looking for a good place for a vacation this year, Memphis is the place you want to be in. There are a lot of beautiful and amazing tourist destinations which are worth visiting in the city and would make your holidays worth it.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider visiting Memphis this vacation: 

Heritage and history

Memphis has a great collection of museums and heritage places if you are interested in visiting such places. There are a lot of historical places in the city and it could turn out to be the perfect vacation if you are interested in such ventures.

Southern hospitality

Receiving a friendly and a warm welcome in a new city helps you in forming an altogether different opinion about the city. Memphis provides its visitors with pure Southern Hospitality. Memphians are considerate and well-mannered and love to engage and open up with their visitors. They share their experiences and stories and their suggestions to those who visit them.

The fantastic beer

The local breweries available in the city of Memphis provides it with fantastic beer with the local taste of the city. There are many companies in the city which make the local craft beer which is available in different tasting samples. There are also certain beer fests and festivals organized just for the purpose of making the people familiar with the amazing taste of the local beer of the city.

Events in May

There are a lot of events which are organized in the city of Memphis in the month of May. These events include music festivals, cooking festivals, marathons and several other evens to keep people interested and tourists engaged in the city. We are Memphis events helps you in exploring the city and enjoy the exotic culture of the city.

The weather

The subtropical climate of the city makes your trip to the city worthwhile. There are majorly four types of distinct seasons in the city which are distributed throughout the year. One might experience certain thunderstorms during the summer months and a certain level of humidity too. However, the overall temperature of the city makes it all worth the effort.


The Memphis zoo is distributed in three zones all over the city which includes almost 19 exhibits. These exhibits of natural habitat of the city are spread over a stretch of almost two miles all over the city. The zoo inhabits almost 3500 animals which represent some 500 species. The wildlife of the city makes the visit of the visitor worthwhile.

Conclusion Hence, your visit to Memphis could turn out to be the perfect vacation for you if you wish to spend your time in a peaceful and quite environment. The variety of parks, zoos, adventure activities, heritage places and all these facilities available in the city makes your stay in the city all worthwhile and forms a treat for your eyes.