How ESA Registration Helps

Having an emotional support animal in your life can help in so many ways. From anxiety to depression, these animals can significantly impact an individual’s mental health. While it is not legally required, a pet can be registered as an emotional support animal or ESA. Dogs and cats are the most common pets that are registered to have this designation. But why is it important to register your animal to be an ESA? Here are three ways ESA dog registration helps yourself, your animal, and your life.

Adds Legitimacy

It is one thing to tell people about your emotional support animal, but it is another thing to have that animal registered and recognized as an ESA. Registering your dog, cat, ferret, or other domestic animals legitimizes its support. This simple process of registration ensures that your animal is recognized at home and in public as an emotional support animal. This registration adds a layer of respect and reasonability to any animal that helps you cope with one or more mental health situations.

Access to More Places

Many businesses and public places do not allow pets but will allow emotional support animals. Without an ESA registration, you would not be able to bring your animal to venues like a theater, library or restaurant. However, after registration, you have the paperwork to show that you are allowed to have that animal with you for support. It can be a big challenge to bring your dog or cat with you to many places if it is not a registered emotional support animal. This registration can literally and figuratively open a lot of doors for you and your animal.

Informs Others People

It’s recommended for your ESA to wear a vest or tag that denotes its status. This lets other people know that you are not simply bringing your pet along with you to dinner, but rather have that animal with you for mental and emotional support. It’s normal for people to see a dog and inquire about why it’s with you. As an ESA, they will know right away why this animal is allowed to be there and the purpose it serves.

There are so many benefits to having an emotional support animal. If you suffer from mental health issues including PTSD, anxiety, and depression, your beloved pet and easily become your emotional support animal. Completing the ESA dog registration adds legitimacy to your dog as a means of support. This registration also gives you and your pet access to more places and the ability to inform others about the necessity of your animal for support.