Evaluate Better to Get the Right Kind of Pneumatic Tube System

Pneumatic Tubular System is the best method to save, time and energy. In today’s world time management is very important because efficiency and time management provides good and profitable results. Hospital is one sector where doctors, nurses and other staff are busy all day long. With one’s negligence, someone’s life can be in danger. In such scenario, getting anything that gives proper productivity and saves a lot of energy and time would be the best thing to consider.

Pneumatic Tube System helps in saving time by saving energy of someone to carry items or documents from one level to another. PTS transports sample, documents in a transparent container through tube, the travel time taken is 10m per second and once the button is pressed it travels with air pressure to the destination that is selected. This helps in getting things delivered at same place in no time and work is submitted faster. To know more about its functioning and other information, click here.

Simply knowing the function doesn’t solve any purpose. Before buying it from any company one has to research well. Here are some guides that might help in buying with warranty –

  • Relevant questions to ask
  • All features available

Relevant questions to ask

  • The installation team should be well experienced and trained to handle work smoothly in a hospital to avoid any chaos as there will be patients and medicines all over the place.
  • It is good to get reference form the company to get review and feedback about them from their clients. By knowing their way of functioning from same kind of company in your sector will give you proper idea and knowledge of the capabilities of their services.
  • The system should be user friendly which be determined through the way specialist demonstrate their product. If the demonstration and training was easy enough, then the product will also be easy to handle.
  • They should also show you the way it works inside the wall because once the tunnels are sealed within the wall then the understanding process of work during peak hours will be difficult.

All features available

  • It should have a backup system in case some of the information is missing. For example, there was power failure and the system crashed because of which all data of transportation by whom to where has been deleted, then it can be obtained through backup.
  • There should be tracking system to find if the item is moving to the right location. Also, for privacy there should be access code given to every employee.
  • Software shouldn’t delay the speed even during peak hours. Even during congestion, there should be alternate tunnel to handle extra transportation.
  • Most important should the after-sale service and customer support which should be available 24 hours a day. Being a hospital, no system can shut down even for a second, hence for a product like PTS should be handled immediately after any breakdown.

Total cost implied to buy the machine is not only what you need to be concerned about. If proper servicing and maintenance is not done, then it can show problems in future. Hence, before buying you should also know the maintenance cost so that preplanning is done.