Overview of Marijuana Infused Edibles

Medical marijuana patients are surrounded with plethora of options to medicate themselves beyond smoking and vaping. Marijuana infused products are called edibles. These consumables offer good options to patients who choose not to or cannot smoke weeds.

Categories of edible varieties

Different varieties of marijuana infused products Candies, Brownies, Cookies, Pills, Chocolate bars, Spreads, Snacks, Drinks, Medicated meals and more. These plethora of known and unknown variety of consumables can be divided into three key categories.

Gastrointestinal application

Most common marijuana infused products are geared towards stomach absorption including cookies, brownies, snack, pills, and many food types. Cannabinoids take long to activate inside the body like two hours but deliver long lasting effect like eight hours liberation.

Oral application

Alternatively, oral application affects almost instantly but wears off in 2 to 3 hours. Lozenges, tinctures, and suckers held in the mouth fall in this group.


Chocolate bars and infused drinks fall under hybrid group as they are designed to absorb in mouth as well as stomach. The effect is felt within half an hour of consumption and feel lasts for more than four hours.

Marijuana infused product effects

Majority of eatables are exposed to heat during cooking process, inactive cannabinoids like CBDA and THCA get converted into CBD, THC, and CBN. Therefore, due to decarboxylation [heating process] the THC levels in cooked eatables increase, so is ideal to treat many health disorders like muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation, nervous system disorders, auto-immune system deficiencies, nausea, insomnia and more. CBD and THC in acidic forms CBDA and THCA deliver great therapeutic value to the infused products.

However, the effects will depend on potency, quantity and type of marijuana infused eatables used, your body chemistry, and your tolerance level. Eating effects differ a lot than conventional smoking. First time users can get caught surprisingly at its strong power and lengthy effects.

In spite of the CBD’s relaxation traits, many new user’s experience heightened anxiety and paranoia feeling, when the edible is ingested initially. The main reason is they are still not used to ingest marijuana and experience uncertainty feelings that causes anxiety and paranoia. It will soon vanish as they eat more and get used to this effect.

While smoking a small quantity of cannabinoids get drawn every time you puff, so the effects are felt instantly. With marijuana infused products, the effects hit slowly, so make sure to give sufficient time for the cannabinoids get digested in stomach, get absorbed and then release its effects.

Dosing recommendations

Potency of the marijuana that is infused in the product needs to be considered. Exact potency is hard to determine, so start read the labels. Manufacturers, who comply to lab test their products list the total number of cannabinoid content in milligrams. However, this can be misleading as individual level of the bioactive compounds is totally disregarded.

So, 10-15 mg is good starting point for buying medical marijuana on online dispensary Canada. However, majority of patients consume 30-100mg of bioactive compounds daily. Experiment with different types and potencies of marijuana infused eatable to find your ideal cannabinoids ratio.