Seven Lighting Tips to Make Your Event Memorable

Lighting is such an important thing for any event and yet often we may tend to overlook it. Attention to all detail can make lots of difference between an average event and an extraordinary one.

Lighting can create necessary ambience and displays video content which is used in conjunction with various architectural elements and also dynamic fixtures for building a visual experience which will leave all your guests in real awe.

The advanced Audio Visual used at GSEAV Orlando, FL can always have a special effect on any kind of event. You can use their equipment in 7 different ways for making the event shine.

  1. For event lighting use LEDs

The latest creation of LED has really revolutionized the lighting world as it will use ten times lesser electricity and can produce same brightness level of tungsten light.

By using RGBW LED chips you can use electronics control to create any kind of special lighting effects.

2. With pixel mapping make fantastic effects

As you know LED technology has influenced the creation of various kind of new equipment which were totally impossible to think about a decade ago.

With the help of pixel mapping, when they will be fitted together closely then they can totally change light quality and create any kind of special effects which they will be outputting immediately.

3. With happy tubes get creative

Flexibility of the LEDs have been used for creating a completely new kind of fixture which is known as LED tube or also the happy tube. You can find these tubular fixtures in different lengths and also with varying numbers of LEDs.

Most common variety is a meter long having 96 – 144 LEDs. Such happy tubes are extremely adaptable and you can use for any kind of creativity.

4. With moving heads move your audience

All old kind of moving heads used to be quite expensive and lots of motorized controls were used. Nowadays due to LED revolution all moving lights are digitally controlled.

You can create any kind of movement and impress your audience at very low budget.

5. Create the effect by using dynamic video

By using moving head fixture using LED can also be used as a kind of video projector which is much different from your average projector.

Here you can vary the angle, focus, width, color and brightness of the video in real-time dynamically.

6. Ask yourself these questions about the event

You may be overwhelmed with new lighting technologies and hence make sure that you achieved the following:

  1. Have you created right mood and color that you wanted?
  2. What lighting equipment that you should use?
  3. How should it be used?
  4. Can you use any existing video content to further enhance your event?
  5. What content can shine the brightest?

7. Keep the event real

Older lighting system is still in the mind of people and hence many designers use LEDs to look almost similar to give the look of analogue tungsten or halogen lighting so that you can get the feel of any real event.