The Key Difference Between Male and Female Waxing

There is no difference between male and a female waxing. To get best results, it is important for the waxing professional to know how a male body differs from a female body. Whether it is for a man or a woman, he should make efforts to make it a comfortable experience for them. 


One major difference between male and female body waxing is their body hair goals. Both men and women have different priorities and body areas when it comes to removal of hair. For men, chest, stomach, back, legs and hands are the main areas for waxing.

In women, waxing areas are mostly limited to hand and legs. So, learn about their goals and then develop a proper plan to know that you both share the same understanding. Treat both genders equally by giving them the same level of respect. Make them comfortable and live up to their expectation and you will find that they will become your long-term clients.

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Density of hair

Another difference that a waxing professional need to know when he/ she begins to wax a person, is that men and women have varying density of hair. Men are hairier than women and the amount of time it is required is longer than what is required by a female.

Skin of some people can be sensitive so you need to use specialized hair removal items that are suitable for sensitive skin. This will reduce occurrence of rashes and offer you the better results.


This is one of the biggest differences when it comes to waxing a man and a woman is an aftercare. After performing a waxing session, it is very essential to advise male clients to make use of an exfoliator on the region that had been waxed.

This will help in preventing any ingrown hairs in between waxes. There is also some hair softening creams and lotions that are helpful in preventing any growth of ingrown hair too.

How safe is male genital waxing?

Waxing is not generally recommended for men on their genital region. But nowadays a few salons also offer this service. The reason for not performing male genital waxing is that even a professional waxing professional can result in burning or tearing of the skin if he/she is not properly trained in the kind of wax.

Before you undergo genital waxing, it is very important to ensure that the tech is effectively skilled in performing waxing and removing unwanted hair from the bikini area of the man. Gentle shaving at home is a good idea.


The difference in waxing between men and women are minor. So, as long as quality hair removal products are used and professional beauty standards are followed, the waxing process is identical for men and women.