Tips to Make the Most of First Time Visit at Gentleman’s Club

If this is your first-time trip to the gentleman’s club then there are some things you need to consider. Celebrities are said to hang out at the gentleman’s club but lay low. They spend thousands a night because they can afford but many cannot. Some of the money saving tips to enjoy your first visit at gentleman’s club:

  • Carry cash only – Your debit or credit cards must be left home or in the car. It means you are limited to spend money stashed in your wallet. You don’t get lured in buying other four beer bottles and charge it to your plastic card. 
  • Weekdays – Visit the cabaret bar during off-days and off-hours, when the gorgeous dancers are less busy. You get to see plenty of action as your view does not get blocked by crowd. Moreover, even the dancers and waitresses give you more attention as well as you can linger over a drink for little longer.
  • Daily specials – Check the daily food and specials. You can tap in great bargain on the beers and save cash for tipping beautiful entertainers.

Get familiar with the club rules

Several clubs in Philadelphia have no-touch policy, therefore as you are new you will better ask in advance to avoid possible awkward scenario. Similarly, if you are not comfort with a lap dance then politely decline it – ‘NO, thanks’ will be just fine. The dancers wish to offer their customers the best experience.

Visit the FAQ webpage of gentlemen’s club in Philadelphia  to know the answers to common queries disturbing you.

Some clubs even have dress code. Smelling fresh for exotic girls, who will get closer to you is a good idea. If you desire to ask for a lap dance then make sure to avoid wearing sharp belt buckles, which can hurt the lovely dancers.

Bring good company

If it is a guy’s bachelor party or night out celebration then make sure that everyone behaves and does not drink a lot. It can ruin everyone’s experience.

You could bring your girlfriend or wife, because some women are curious and a few wish to join the fun. Your experience will turn sour, if your partner feels uncomfortable or jealous to see you enjoying the dance.

If you go in big group surrounding a stage then it is expected that each one gives a bit of cash. Never leave a single friend to pay the bill for the flirty fun and dances all night but contribute their part.

Never be shy

First timers feel reserved about this intimate experience at the club but ensure to leave this feeling outside the door. Dancers are extremely hot but are professionals.

Never allow your shyness to minimize these good moments. They just desire you to experience the best moments of your life.

Speak wise words

If you wish to enjoy a private dance then you can gently ask, ‘Fifteen bucks will cover your private dance, right?’ instead of ‘What do you charge for private dance?’ It sounds odd. Dancers are not dummies so speak wise words.