The Best Delicious Japanese Chocolates You Must Taste

Japanese chocolates are one of the best in the world. With the large variety of chocolates ranging from chocolate filled caramel to hidden gummies in them.

Some of the best Japanese chocolate that you must know about before buying them are:

Japanese Florentine

Europe has one of the most popular chocolates in the world known as Florentines. These are basically pastries which come with nuts filled in the chocolate. Hence, from there started the Japanese Florentines. These are chocolates which are filled with almond nuts, and caramel in them. They are crispy and become chewy as soon as one bites them.

Puchi Pasuteru

These are a pack of candies that come in a box. The box contains different types of candies ranging from milk chocolates to jellies in them. There are two packages in every box, hence, you can share your love with your chocolate lover friend too.

Chocolate pencils

Kids have a habit of chewing their pencils while studying but what if you could actually eat those pencils? Hence, came these chocolate sticks which you can actually eat and looks like a pencil.

Chocotto Kimochi

These are chocolate squares which are available in two flavors. These are the red one which is made up of strawberry and then there are the white ones which are filled with white chocolate and pounded rice in them. both these chocolate squares offer a unique taste to your tongue.


These are candy balls which come from the packet like a poop. Hence, also known as poop balls. These are delicious strawberry flavoured balls which are available in many different colours.

Fujiya Anpanman balls

Anpanman is one of the most famous cartoon characters in Japan which is famous amongst the kids. The name comes after the fact that the head is a pan which looks like bread and it is filled with a paste of red bean which is known as anko. These Japanese chocolates come with crunchy biscuits which are sweet and come in the shape of this character.

Puku Puku Tai

It is a fish shaped chocolate cake which is one of the most famous chocolates in Japan. They are commonly available in the food stands outside temples at the time of matsuri in Japan. It has a sweet mild taste. It is a wafer snack which comes in an ice cream cone and is filled with mousse chocolate in it. It comes with a crunchy bite on the outside and a delicious soft chocolate on the inside.

Big thunder 3

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular chocolates in entire Japan. It is a chocolate bar which comes with a sweet flavor in it. The outside is creamy chocolate and the inside is a crispy center. The more the size, the more the chocolate and better the taste.


Hence, these are some of the best chocolates of Japan which you can try and you must go through them before you go out to buy chocolates in Japan.