What Are The Different Types Of Personal Protective Equipment Testing

In potentially risky workplace surroundings, workers on the job depend on Personal Protective Equipment Testing to protect themselves against predictable safety and health risks. PPE manufacturers assure them that their equipment will provide safety and convenience as promised. Personal Protective Equipment Testing is carried out in various types. Let us know more about this testing and how it safeguards the condition of workers at workplace.

What is PPE?

PPE is referred to as an appliance or a device that is manufactured to be held or worn by a person for safety against safety hazards. It applies to majority of safety products that are intended for domestic, sports, and professional as well as leisure use.

Professionals who perform Personal Protective Equipment Testing plays a key role in assuring the best level of protection of workers by assessing personal protective equipment such as helmets, safety glasses and respirators.

On what standards are Personal Protective Equipment Testing is based?

PPE testing is carried out in the European Union for the safety of workers at the workplace. It abides to the terms and regulations mentioned under the EU’s PPE Directive.

Personal Protective Equipment Testing performed in the United States in the federally controlled workplace should also meet the pre-requisites of product-specific “American National Standards” that are made for compliance with OSHA (U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations.

Relevance of Personal Protective Equipment Testing

Besides serving as the foundation for agreement with valid regulations, Personal Protective Equipment certification and testing also provide users with an assurance that their equipment provides appropriate protection against any sort of illness or injury.

Personal Protective Equipment Testing is carried out with the aim of securing the condition of the workers at a workplace during their operation. This testing assures the safety and quality of the products used by them.

There are several reputed PPE manufacturers and suppliers that offer a comprehensive range of evaluation and testing services that are applicable to the various categories of Personal Protective Equipment products in accordance to the needs of the US, the EU, and other significant markets all across the world.

The different types of Personal Protective Equipment Testing

The testing needed of Personal Protective Equipment varies with the intended use of the equipment and the type of risk it is going to provide to its user. Some of the specific forms of testing include:

  • Biological resistance testing
  • Chemical resistance testing
  • Protective ensemble testing
  • Impact protection testing
  • Protective footwear and hand testing
  • Fall arrest of equipment testing

Benefits of performing Personal Protective Equipment Testing

  • Personal Protective Equipment Testing checks and tests defects in a PPE before it reach the market. In this way,PPE helps in management of risks. It even assists in mitigation of risks related to recalls, damage in brand reputation, injuries as well as potential fatalities.
  • Obtain a competitive edge by showcasing the superior level of safety and quality with internationally recognized and certified PPE products.
  • Widely recognized and used PPE helps in achieving transparency in an organization that serves as a basis for agreement by trade supervisory boards and authorities.


Personal protective equipment testing ensures the best safety of products and facilitates safety compliance at the workplace.