Things to Consider While Buying Sex Toy Gift for Near One

Sex-toy is an ideal gift for your spouse or a significant partner. If it is done correctly then the toy will perfectly make the recipient consider you as thoughtful. Moreover, it will be functional and enjoyable. You are planning to buy a sex toy on your anniversary. It is a sexy gift and this is the best occasion to give.

A sex toy like a vibrator can spice your sex life. It offers the needed sensation to carry your sex life to another level. Vibrators are great gift leksaker för henne [toys for her]. They will display your care and easy-going nature. Even though you want it to be a surprise there are some things to be considered.

Talk with her casually

If this is your first time to add a sex toy in your bedroom then sudden surprises may transform into awkwardness. So, first discuss the advantages of sex toys with her in a casual way like how to not let sex become a routine but add some variety to keep it fired up. Physical stimulations can really help couples as their married life adds years after years.

Tread slowly

As it is your partner’s first vibrator experience, then you will need to know if they will be comfy with it or not. Even if they use sex toys, you must know if they will feel comfy, if YOU bought them one. You can phrase it like ‘I wish to choose a sex toy, what kind are you interested in?’ It will work fine. Give her some time to warm up with this idea.

Check her sex toy collection

If she uses sex toys then look through her collections. Snap the shapes and sizes, so that at the toy shop you will get an idea of which to buy [the one she does not have]. Turn on the vibrators and see if they vibrate more tingly or rumbly.

If she is a jewelry person then you can buy ones that look like a jewelry and coated in 24 carat gold or other precious metal. In case of doubt, choose vibrator on small size with neutral color. It is better to err and be on cautious side, as this is your very first time to give her a sex toy.

Shop at the right place

If you have not gone sex toy shopping then you are not aware where to go. Even worse, you may end up on a tacky website or in a seedy store. It will turn your whole adventure into something creepy and bizarre!

Make sure to visit stores that offer high quality products designed from body safe materials. You can shop online at some reputable e-stores or the local physical store.

Never hesitate to ask

The sales representative is inclusive, sex-positive and knowledgeable. They will never judge their customers but make them feel welcome. You are a buyer, so they are happy when you choose their products. Make sex toy shopping for her a fun thing. Avoid being stressed because sexual pleasure gift needs to be chosen with passion.